Semalt Web Metrics

What does all this mean for business?

A lot of startups have been created in the Internet over last years. An Interned business-project doesn’t need much. A beginning entrepreneur can manage without office and employees just fine, by finding all necessary working tools in the Internet for a small price or for no price at all.

Developers found a gold mine – web-tools and business programs are in high demand. There is zero risk in starting a business online and entrepreneur has all the means for control, securing their independence. For that reason majority prefers to work on their projects on their own, from creating the website to SEO-promotion. Of course, you can’t be effective without certain skills – luckily, there are time-tested services ready to deliver full range of web-analytics and SEO services.

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What is web-metrics to business? An entrepreneur’s guide map. Studying target audience and site’s real possibilities enables you to put together a realistic business-plan. Web-statistics plays a significant role in promoting the website in search results due to displaying real user’s search inquiries which they use to find the website.

So it you want to use your website to sale wares or services to its full capacity, you will need web-metrics. Everyone decides for themselves which monitoring service to choose. However there are tools which have been tested by time and other businessmen experience. For instance Semalt LLC services are in high demand in the Internet. Semalt system allows you to create a semantic kernel for your website and monitor your positions in Google search results for free. The company also offers pay web-analytics pack, which aside from all basic services saves the monitoring history and provides you with extra tools.

Promoting sales with web-analytics

The sales growth is website’s main index of success. However it is perfectly known to every entrepreneur that their website won’t be flooded by customers the moment it’s created. Online sales are preceded by cautious optimization and web-pages promotion work. This is where you will need web-metrics data.

Main criteria


Website’s positions will grow naturally, if you manage to attract more users to it.  To make it happen, you must pinpoint your target audience, its interests and preferences.

Semalt service enables you to analyze next factors:

  • Alexa rank
  • Bounce rate
  • Daily pageviews per visitor
  • Daily time on site
  • Visitors localization

Top keywords.

Find out by which inquiries people find your website. This is almost the main criterion that you need for effective promotion. With a keywords list, a so-called semantic kernel on your hands, you can create the most relevant Title and Description, add meta-keywords on your website. Keywords are used in content both in texts and Alt-attributes for images.

Keywords in Semalt system can be divided into groups by topic or frequency (low, medium and high frequency).


According to Google search engine developers, a good website will always be recommended. So link load, passed by other websites is vital for ranking process.

External link on trust web-source is considered a good sign while too many links on questionable websites can negatively influence site’s rank and even cause it to get filtered.

Semalt demonstrates website owner amount of referrer domains and backlinks.


It’s common for webmasters to overestimate website’s visibility index, however ignoring it is also not recommended. There is no certain model of visibility, so several aspects must be considered at once:

  • Search engine popularity
  • Keywords position
  • Suggestion frequency

Link exposure efficacy.

This is forecast-category index — the frequency of link’s display in search results on certain users’ inquiry. It has a direct connection with search engine.

Semalt works with Google search engine, so all statistic factors are relevant for this source only.

Summing up

Thus, according to abovementioned factors we can divide work with Semalt into several phases:

  • Semantic kernel creation (based on search promotion tracing).
  • Composing an effective Google search engine exposure rating.
  • Promotion to TOP 10 search results by basic key inquiries.

At least third position in Google search results is main objective. This result demonstrates exposure efficacy reaching its maximum, however it doesn’t mean the work is over. Position monitoring must be continued in any case – the shifting speed of  Google search engine algorithms is incredible.  Semalt is a universal web-metrics tracing tool. You can learn the details on Help page or extras on

In-page links analysis

External and internal links

External and internal links are vital to every website. Internal links allow the user to move between the web-pages while external links enable static weight transfer. Both link types affect site ranking. Google is very picky when evaluating websites, so you should be very attentive with link placement.  With Semault you are able to analyze both external and internal links. Website Analyzer tool is featured in all pay Semalt service packs, Analytics Only included.

Aside from the links the “In-page links” field displays anchors and “follow/nofollow” status. The system gives an accurate number and percentage of links on the website.  You can go to the web-page by clicking a corresponding link in the list.

 “Follow” means that the current page is open for Google ranking.  Nofollow is used for secondary web-pages: archives, user profiles, etc.

Site navigation

A multi-page website has internal links. Correct innerlinking is the key to easy navigation. The user must not experience any difficulties roaming between the pages. All SEOs always emphasize the importance of each link’s operability. When opening a website, the user wants to get all information available and dead links can be of a great disservice to the webmaster. Each link on the website must lead to a working page.

There are several ways of innerlinking. Micro layout is as essential for search engines as it is for users. The better site’s optimization is the more chances it has of getting to Google TOP.

The type of the website plays large role in choosing the method of innerlinking. For example, so-called “bread crumbs” would suit online-shop perfectly. Info sites and blogs use standard menu and rubricates.

There several types of site navigation:

  • Intertext – placing hyperlinks in text.
  • Accident – special offers and events ads.
  • Context – links to other sections with similar content.

Working with in-page links in Semalt

Among webmaster helping tools Semalt also has external and internal links analyzer. To find it go to “Website Analyzer” section.  You can see the number of links detected by system in the “In-page links” field.

Inpage links

The EXTERNAL LINKS field is divided into several columns:

  • Link — the link itself
  • Anchor — anchor text (the user visible text of URL)
  • Nofollow — indicates if the link is unavailable for search engines indexing

It also has the INTERNAL LINKS list. Both lists can be expanded to get a full view.

Inpage links list

Aside from effective link load monitoring, Semalt offers services of website’s promotion to Google TOP by internal links. Learn more about AutoSEO.

Website SERP position

How to get your new website to Google TOP 10

After entering any inquiry to Google search box, you will see only 10 links on the first page of search results. Those are the leaders that managed to take top positions in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).  What does it mean? First of all, it means those websites are relevant to your inquiry and you will find your answer on their pages. TOP sites stand out for their quality and high Google trust index.

While promoting a website on the Internet, SEOs distinguish Google TOP 1, TOP 3, TOP 5 and TOP 10. Positions beyond TOP 20 are hardly influential due to users rarely reaching the third page. Thus, we can make a conclusion that getting in TOP 10 by basic key inquiries is every webmaster’s primary objective.

Relevance is also not to be taken lightly. The clothes shop owner is not likely to be happy with getting a top position in “waste removal” inquiries. Effective use of keywords in title and description attributes and in site’s content as well allows matching Google engine users inquires to the fullest.

However there are thousands of websites on the Internet that fit the subject all the same and offer information/wares/services. Why namely those 10 sites are in TOP 10?

Web Stats

First, it is a sign of good inner pages optimization, which includes:

  • Content relevance
  • Usability level
  • Site’s microlayout
  • text/html ratio
  • internal links
  • web-pages loading time
  • website’s stable operation

Second, Google consider quantity and quality of website’s backlinks and referencing domains.  By “recommending” a web-source trust domains pass it a link load which promotes the website up Google SERP positions.

SEO-campaign: position monitoring by key inquiries

According to experts SEO-campaign is divided into several phases:

  • internal optimization
  • web-promotion

During the entire campaign it’s vital you used keywords a.k.a. semantic kernel of the website.  On the phase of project’s registration in Semault system you already will be offered to personally add search suggestions (either manually or by downloading a file). The system is ready to provide you with keywords suggestions. Study the list carefully, before adding it to Dashboard. Some keywords may turn out to be irrelevant, due to system not being able to grasp the meaning of all words/phrases like a person would.  After selecting subject-relevant inquiries, divide them into next categories:

  • frequent
  • moderately frequent
  • clarifying inquiries (low-frequent)

The low-frequency inquiries are the ones that will aid new site’s promotion. It’s a lot easier to be first in “typography Brooklyn” than get to the TOP in “printing services”. When it comes to low competition field, low-frequency inquiries will help you gain advantage.

 Semalt Dashboard is easy to operate for letting you divide all added keywords in groups by subject, frequency of use and other criteria. From now on you will be able to monitor and filter the results by group names.

The Complex Approach

Semalt adopts complex approach to web-statistics monitoring.  You will find all necessary data in the Dashboard. Also you will be able to download a keyword positions report. .CSV file allows editing keywords list and .PDF file will be suitable for presentations and corporate accounting.

Notice the territorial settings of search engines. The same website may have different positions in different countries and regions. The website being translated in several languages is also to be considered when selecting keywords and future monitoring.

Competitors and keywords

Unlike free account users, the customers who acquired Semalt Analytics Only can see the competitors’’ websites by each keywords from the list. For this you need to go the “Website positions” field and click any of the words. The window will show you website’s position dynamic graph along with competing websites list. You can go to competitor’s website by clicking a link.

Watch your opponents and their positions in Google SERP just by clicking a Track button and creating a new project. Since Semault enables you to monitor without setting up a counter on the site, you can check positions of any website.

To sum it all up we can day that websites position monitoring by keywords is the base for every SEO-campaign. Whether you are developing your site on your own or left it to professionals, you always have to be informed. Positions can change incredibly fast – it may take one day for the website to gain or lose few positions in search results. Watch statistics closely after updating your website and don’t forget to check the positions of your rivals. Their websites can give you a helpful idea or two, while Semalt guarantees you accurate and up-to-date data.

Behavioral factors in web-analytics

Site attendance: influencing the page rank

How do you choose a shop when you want to make a purchase? Possibly listening to people’s opinions, estimating how many people have already made a purchase and whether they are satisfied. Same thing with the website. Google developers take a great care making sure users get the most satisfying result and don’t leave to another search engine’s website. Google’s reputation speaks for itself however the hard work of hundreds of people can be erased by just a few irrelevant search results.  Acting as a trustworthy advisor, Google search engine always knows what to buy and where and how to find necessary information.

You want as many people as possible to visit your website? In that case you have to study your target audience’s behavioral factors and considerably adjust your website according to end user’s suggestions.

New search algorithms have “humanized” Google search and made it extremely user-friendly. This is why getting to top SERP positions will be quite a challenge. Nevertheless it is possible, granted you follow simple optimization principles and use SEO-promotion sensibly.

Site Visitors

What are behavioral factors?

Behavioral factors include all those actions, usually done by Internet-user on the website:

  • entering the website
  • browsing pages
  • clicking links
  • filling forms
  • signing up for news

Time spent by user on the website plays a major part. If a user followed the link from the search results, closed the website at once and went back to searching, the rejection index grows, meaning the website doesn’t meet user’s expectations and is not likely to be rated highly.

A user coming to the website, looking through some pages, filling registration form or making an order, clicking some links is a perfect situation. The user performed some actions, site’s objective is reached and we are rewarded with fine conversion percentage.

How to get behavioral factors data?

This is what web-analytics services are for. Semalt for instance displays such factors as:

  • Alexa rank
  • Bounce rate
  • Daily pageviews per visitor
  • Daily time on site
  • Visitors localization

The system has  Website Analyzer section, where the user can see the results of SEO-audit — setting up any counters of other additions is not required. Each criterion is accompanied by a detailed description. You can learn more about effective work with this data on User Help page.

How to improve behavioral factors

Alexa rank is website’s rating and its popularity index. It can be influenced indirectly via optimizing website and filling it with interesting content.

Bounce rate. If website managed to capture user’s attention from the first seconds, they will probably linger on the page and perform some actions. Content and original design can draw user’s attention. The user should be motivated to view other pages aside from the main one. Placing various forms to fill to get a bonus or sign up for news is also acceptable course of action.

Daily pageviews per visitor and daily time on site.  Measures employed to decrease the bounce rate are also suitable for boosting those rates.

Visitors localization. Geo-targeting has a great meaning for local business. A corresponding domain, contacts and Google map widget on the website will aid site’s promotion in certain territorial segment of the Internet. If a New Yorker on a quest for laundry opens a website offering such service in New Jersey there is no doubt they will leave at once. So the only way for you to attract target traffic and obtain more conversions is to provide users with all information available.

To sum it all up we can define next important factors that influence website attendance and Google page rank:

  • Usability — convenience is a key element for working with a website. All necessary options and pages must be available in a few clicks.
  • Relevance. Site’s main page must correspond its topic and key inquiries that promote the website. Your duty is to give users exactly what they are looking for.
  • Snippet. Description in snippet must intrigue users into coming to the website. It can appeal to action or leave links to certain pages of the website.
  • Stable operation of all web-pages. Deleting non-existent pages and redirecting to the functioning ones is important.

Don’t hurry to draw conclusions on behavioral factors.  Search engine needs tome to index new website’s pages. The statistics will tell you more with monthly data. And of course you have to keep in mind site’s theme, its target audience, interests and periods of activity included. For instance, there is no reason for freaking out about people visiting websites more on weekdays, than on weekends — it is perfectly normal.

Semalt Web Metrics gives an accurate display of website’s statistic data. In case you are not satisfied with the results, purchasing one of Semalt LLC SEO service packs would be the best course of action.

Effective Links Placement with Semalt

AutoSEO for website Google SERP promotion

Semalt service seems to have acquired a lot of useful options since its start as a web-statistics monitoring tool. Today promoting websites to the top positions in Google SERP is Semalt SEO’s main field of action.

The company is developing in web-analytics field as well, making position monitoring tools available for free. Webmaster can choose any service pack suitable for in-depth analysis.  Performing position monitoring leaves a lot of users unsatisfied with the results – Semault displays all found errors at onc eand offers ways to fix them.

White hat SEO is Semalt’s forte.  AutoSEO is a link promotion tool and one of the offered service packs. This brings out the necessity to recall the connection between search engine and backlinks.

Backlinks analysis in Semalt Web Metrics

As soon as Semalt client orders AutoSEO service pack, the system performs the audit of all external links and domains referencing to the indicated website. The user can see the domains list with statistics represented into diagrams.

Surprisingly, few masters care about building up the link load, in spite of Google considering the links to the website in its ranging. Naturally, such links must be placed on qualitative resources and be as authentic as possible.  That is where AutoSEO comes in, gradually increasing the number of backlinks, corresponding texts and anchors included.

Some webmasters are terrified of placing backlinks anywhere – for no reason at all! Semalt selects only trust sources with high Google ranging. The process is thorough and performed manually by subject and  Google trust rank.

During the entire SEO-campaign the link buildup proportions is controlled by the experts, who also allocate the following links:

  • anchor
  • non-anchor
  • brand

How to determine if backlinks are active?

It is simple. The checkup process starts automatically each time the user logs into Semalt system. Meanwhile AutoSEO monitors not only keyword positions, but backlink positions as well.

Backlinks results

The monitoring report system displays the sorted-by-date link load and referring domain numbers growth chart, allowing to easily assess how much the backlink number has grown and how many web-sources have been used for placement.

“Backlinks Information” field has several tabs with helpful tips:

  • Anchors — lists of words and phrases most encountered in anchor texts (for current website).
  • Referring TLD — this diagram shows distribution of backlinks added the project over Top Level Domains (TLD).
  • Referring pages — the list of pages with backlinks added to the project from the start of а SEO-campaign.
  • Referring — the list of domains which have been referring backlinks from the start of the project.

In  Semalt  this interactive field looks like this:

AutoSEO dates

The user can view the backlinks in AutoSEO dates mates. Whether there are questions about particular setting’s purpose, an Info button can be found near each option tab.  To get more details about each of backlinks monitoring aspect, just move the cursor over it.

Backlinks info

Keep in mind that backlink monitoring tool is available to Semalt SEO Service clients only.  This way the user can check the efficacy of SEOs working on their project. The links stay active for a long time and don’t get deleted, enabling the website to rise to the top positions in Google SERP and enter Google TOP.

 Check with Semalt Help section if you want to learn more about checking the presence and quality of the backlings after purchasing AutoSEO.